With All that We Have, Why Aren’t We Satisfied?

Clifford Williams

Sorin Books 2001; Wipf & Stock 2008
188 pages

". . . combines spiritual and philosophical insights with peace and social justice issues. The readings are simple and down-to-earth as well as profound." — Louis Richard Batzler, Spiritual Frontier Fellowship

"This compendium of almost one hundred challenging, encouraging, highly recommended meditations on a diverse spectrum of issues and topics is organized into ten “reader friendly” chapters that will be read with appreciation and benefit by anyone who, with all they have, are feeling that there is still something vital and necessary miss from their lives.” —Midwest Book Review

Contains nearly a hundred short meditations:

Restless Hearts

Secret Tragedies

Loving and Forgiving Ourselves

Comfort that Money Cannot Buy

"Why Do You Want to Die?"

Betrayal by Parents

The Official Lie

On Seeing What Is Right in Front of Us


Letting Others Love Us


Dried-Up Human Hearts

Plus more

On restless hearts: "Behind a driven life is a restless heart."

On secret tragedies: "There is a secret tragedy in every heart" (Paul Tournier).

On loving and forgiving ourselves: "Conditional self-love is as malignant as conditional neighbor love."

On despair: "Despair kills some people, but strengthens others."

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