500 Little Sayings

On Love, Death, and Everything Else


Cliff Williams

In preparation

A few sayings:


  • Only those who value magnificence can experience awe.


  • Those who are captivated by beauty often possess inner serenity.

Care for others

  • One who actively cares attends to others’ faces for signs of distress.



  • Only those who are able to let go of everything are ready to die.

Emotional pain

  • We cannot simply wish away emotional pain but must allow it to be healed by tender and loving care.



  • The best gifts are our time and interest.

How to Live

  • When you are with someone, be with them.


  • Joy is a species of happiness: a deep, life-enhancing, all-encompassing, and overflowing euphoria that radiates from our faces to all whom we encounter.


  • To look at others with kind eyes is to give them an irreplaceable gift.


  • Habits can deaden love, but they can also keep love alive.


  • Being haunted by the memory of an evil deadens. Treasuring the memory of a good enlivens.

Restless Hearts

  • Behind a driven life is a restless heart.


  • Silence is not restorative if we brood on our worries during it.

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