Personal Virtues: Introductory Essays
Clifford Williams (editor)
Palgrave Macmillan 2005

“Justice, compassion, courage, trust, humility—if such virtues deeply characterized individual lives and communities, human 
existence would be far less scarred by genocide, terrorism, poverty, torture and other human rights abuses that plague the
twenty-first century. This well-edited collection of essays contains clear philosophical reflection that provides much-needed
guidance for anyone and everyone who strives to support and extend the moral qualities that are necessary to amend the 
      – John Roth, Edward J. Sexton Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Center for the Study of the Holocaust, 
      Genocide, and Human Rights, Clarement McKenna College
In recent decades a number of philosophers have revived the ancient tradition of virtue ethics. However, they have focused 
largely on the theory behind virtue rather than on particular virtues themselves. In this collection of accessible articles, ten 
respected philosophers discuss everyday virtues, including generosity of spirit, gratitude, hope, patience, and trust. The 
introduction places virtue ethics into the contemporary context and discusses each virtue that is treated in the book
Introduction by Clifford Williams 
"Generosity of Spirit" by Joseph Kupfer, Iowa State University, from The Journal of Value Inquiry 
"Gratitude and Justice" by Patrick Boleyn-Fitzgerald, Lawrence University, from Ethics 
"Humility" by Nancy E. Snow, Marquette University, from The Journal of Value Inquiry 
"The Practice of Pride" by Tara Smith, University of Texas at Austin, from Social Philosophy and Policy 
"The Cognitive Structure of Compassion" by Martha C. Nussbaum, University of Chicago, from Upheavals of Thought: The 
      Intelligence of Emotions 
"Reasons for Love" by Robert C. Solomon, University of Texas at Austin, from Journal for the Theory of Social Behavior 
"The Value of Hope" by Luc Bovens, University of Colorado at Boulder, from Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 
"Patience and Courage" by Eamonn Callan, Stanford University, from Philosophy 
"Forgivingness" by Robert C. Roberts, Baylor University, from American Philosophical Quarterly 
"Trust as an Affective Attitude" by Karen Jones, University of Melbourne, from Ethics